framework of decision making

To provide assistance in achieving these functions a decision making framework has been published. The implementation of the framework presents a period of transition in terms of processes and systems. In time, all LLR system partners will be required to align systems, policies, and processes to the IDMF. The Gambling Commission will ensure that regulatory decisions are properly reasoned and evidence-based, and taken at the most appropriate level. The Commission will adopt a presumption in favour of decisions being made at the lowest appropriate level within the Commission, so that decisions of similar complexity and impact are general made at similar levels within the Commission.

These decisions go through a formal process so that when the Mayor takes the decision all the implications have been considered and he has all the relevant facts and advice at hand. This information is gathered on and the decision progressed using a ‘Mayoral Decision form’. Mayoral decision-making in the GLA sets the detailed framework within which Mayoral decisions are taken and Mayoral powers are delegated.

Example decision framework

In this video, Mandy continues to unravel how to manage errors in the workplace. She talks about how vital it is to own errors and references the factors that may prevent people from owning up. The importance of adequate investigation into why errors are made is one of the key takeaways. Ethical decision making can be tricky, things are not always black and white. This content is also available as part of a premium, accredited video course.

framework of decision making

But above all, UCL’s mission to be a great European university is directed towards the future. It takes in teachers, researchers and students from far and wide and the need for strict quality control has never been higher. Inspired by a long history of welcoming others, the university campuses are developing into living communities.

A decision-making framework for purchasing product-service systems

The Assembly’s business is conducted in public through its plenary and committee sessions. However, a Mayoral decision may delegate decision making powers to a director, empowering them to take decisions with a value of more than £150,000 within set criteria. ‘Novel, contentious or repercussive decisions’ must also be made by the Mayor. This includes decisions relating to policy and technical matters; for example, approval for a strategy document or borrowing limits. Implementation of the IDMF will commence in Spring 2021 with workshops and engagement activities taking place with key teams across the LLR system. It is envisaged that implementation will go hand in hand with support and resources – these will become available on this page soon.

framework of decision making

In this article I will provide a playbook on how to define a decision framework to make choices with more control, repeatability and ultimately better outcomes. The model has at its centre the Code of Ethics as the touchstone for all decision making. Using the model encourages officers and staff to act in accordance with the Code and use their discretion where appropriate. It also reduces risk aversion and weighs the balance of resourcing against demand, threat and risk.


Decisions made at scales from regional to local will impact on the flow and quality of ecosystem services that contribute to our environmental biodiversity, benefit our economy, our societal health and wellbeing, and our livelihoods. The aim of this programme is to find ways to deliver a better, evidence-based and interdisciplinary decision-making framework to inform how land is used, through research collaboration with policy, business and land management partners. Decisions are required in difficult circumstances and are often made based on incomplete or contradictory information.

Inevitably there will be circumstances which have not been previously envisaged or anticipated and where it is necessary for the Director or Chair of the Panel to exercise judgement and flexibility in the way that the procedures operate. The determination of whether to impose a regulatory sanction is likely to amount to a determination of the licensee’s civil rights or obligations within the meaning of Article 6(1) of the Convention. The Commission’s procedures have therefore been designed to ensure, so far as possible, that the requirements of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Convention are met. The right of appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Gambling) is also an important element in ensuring that an individual’s Convention rights are protected. Note that while there are 7 steps to set up the framework, this does not have to be a long drawn-out process.

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