Working for a tax law firm as an Enrolled Agent, you will be pulling, processing, saving, and sharing IRS account transcripts. You will get to know your clients during a time when they really need help. This means you’ll have day to day contact with clients, IRS ACS, IRS appeals officers, IRS revenue officers, IRS revenue agents. You will respond to and perform client audits where you will review tax returns and reconcile financials.

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In the commenter’s view, sole proprietorships should be considered small entities and the firms that employ enrolled agents (which sometimes reimburse enrolled agents for their user fees) are generally small businesses. Therefore, the commenter concluded that the user fees in these regulations would have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities. Two of the commenters stated that the IRS did not fully comply with OMB Circular A-25.

The Different Jobs You Can Get With an EA Credential

Office managers oversee several ongoing projects at once and work with staff to ensure that operations run smoothly. They must stay up to date on a wide variety of projects and report directly to higher-level executives. Especially in organizations that employ many tax experts, having an office manager with tax expertise is incredibly valuable. Bookkeepers ensure that a business makes the most economically viable and safe decisions to keep finances tight and under control. This position does not exclusively involve taxes, but having experience with tax planning can be beneficial to many bookkeepers.

As an EA seeking employment in this area of work you will generally need (2) years of experience preparing individual federal and state returns. Working on a less traditional clientele means you will need to handle constant customer flow all year round. Since many foreign tax advisors only work with clients that live abroad, it will be good to have knowledge and experience with forms (1116, 2555, FBAR, 8938). You can learn a lot about these areas in tax by preparing for and getting your EA credential.

What company pays the highest salary for the Enrolled Agent position?

These positions are primarily tax practitioners who review and prepare tax returns for both individuals and businesses during tax season. For example, many small to mid-sized businesses prefer to outsource their accounting. So, having one person serve as both their tax preparer and their tax attorney appeals to these clients quite a lot. Additionally, clients often prefer to work with a single individual or a small team for the sake of efficiency. Therefore, as with the lion’s share of the small accounting agencies out there, specialization is key.

What is the salary of an EA III?

The average Executive Assistant III salary in the United States is $85,101 as of May 25, 2023, but the range typically falls between $75,231 and $96,562.

Aged Care and RehabilitationOur Aged care and Rehabilitation area is currently offering the below exciting opportunities for enthusiastic and experienced Enrolled NursesIMPORTANT. To become an enrolled agent, the IRS requires a few straightforward steps. According to, entry-level EAs generally begin with a salary of about $52,000 per year.

Average Salary Range for Enrolled Agent

Based on recent job openings, salaries for Foreign Tax Advisors range between $50,000 – $120,000 a year. According to the 2022 Robert Half Salary Guide Opens in new window, hiring trends in accounting and finance continue to favor the job candidate. Firms are looking to fill entry-level positions, so recent accounting grads and young professionals are in a great position to get their first accounting job. Firms are especially interested in candidates with technology skills that can be applied to growing areas like cloud systems and data analysis. Managers are looking for new ideas and are prepared to provide the necessary on-the-job training to prepare new hires for success. This is a great time to go into accounting, and becoming an Enrolled Agent will help you land an even bigger starting salary than you could without it.

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  • The commenter stated that there were 17 FTEs assigned to the enrollment and renewal of enrollment program, including three managers and 14 staff employees.

Law firms are also small businesses which may benefit from having tax personnel on their staff to help them handle their small business taxes. Similar to public accounting firms vs small CPA firms, a large firm will likely offer better pay, more security, and better benefits, while a small firm will offer more ownership and more flexibility. Unlike other non-enrolled tax professionals, an enrolled agent has special permission to perform legal services that other tax professionals cannot.

Employment Opportunities for Enrolled Agents

Because enrolled agents have the authority to represent clients before the IRS, they can fulfill a more specialized niche than non-enrolled tax preparers and accountants. Therefore, while CPAs do earn more on average than enrolled agents in the short run, the potential for earnings over the span of a career can be higher for enrolled agents. What’s more, when an enrolled agent runs a small agency or brokerage that offers complete, specialized tax solutions for its clients, she can expand her earning potential even more. And, enrolled agent salaries are on the rise at larger firms and corporations, too.

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