According to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, myths about addiction and recovery alcohol is the third leading preventable cause of death in the US.

  • Some people can be wealthy with a great job and a loving family…and find recovery.
  • Alcohol addiction, unfortunately, relies on people’s negative opinions of drug addiction.
  • Unfortunately, their effect on recovery is detrimental, and may even dissuade an individual from entering or believing in treatment and recovery from addiction.
  • Much of it will depend on personal circumstances, the person’s current and past drug use, and any previous treatment they have received in the past.
  • Because some people feel a great deal of shame about their substance abuse they often hide it.
  • Unfortunately, the persistence of this myth has led to many people watching their loved ones become deeper entrenched in addiction without intervening.

Your employer may be willing to help with costs, or a family member may be able to help. The long-term costs of addiction are far greater than the short-term costs of medical treatment. In modern rehab centers, medication-assisted treatment is a common practice.

MYTH 1: Overcoming addiction is simply a matter of willpower. You can stop using drugs if you really want to.

Some people feel this merely swaps out one addiction for another. Unfortunately, the persistence of this myth has led to many people watching their loved ones become deeper entrenched in addiction without intervening. It also has led many with addictions to continue abusing substances with  the belief they still have a ways to go before they should commit to rehab. Yes, you may have made some poor choices that led you down the road to addiction, but you are bigger than your mistakes. And when you chose to enter into a treatment program, you decided to take responsibility for your actions, which takes courage. The idea of putting your life on hold to enter a treatment program may seem overwhelming.

Why do people become love addicts?

The causes of love addiction are rooted in childhood trauma. Individuals lacking self-esteem or who had less-than-nurturing childhoods may grow up looking for constant reassurance from others. Relationship addicts also tend to enjoy the feeling of excitement that being “in love” brings.

The truth is that most people with substance use disorders look just like you – they have jobs, families, and hobbies. They may appear highly functioning, despite the internal struggles they are facing. The cost of rehab with insurance can be much more affordable than paying on your own. Even if your insurance won’t cover drug rehab, some recovery centers offer financial aid or payment programs.

#4 Substance Abuse Isn’t Serious if You’re “Functioning”

What matters is that we learn how best to prevent the misuse and abuse of addictive substances. This is one of the most hurtful myths about addiction people believe. The fact is that being addicted comes with a lot of responsibility, starting with the responsibility of getting sober. There’s denying that addiction often occurs because of a bad choice or that there is a correlation between drug use and crime. While MAT (medication-assisted treatment) does involve replacing one substance with another, you are removing a harmful, addictive substance in favor of one that is safe to use and FDA-approved. Properly applied, MAT can ease withdrawal symptoms and minimize cravings, significantly reduce the risk of overdose, and lay the groundwork for lifelong recovery.

What role does spirituality play in addiction recovery?

Spirituality has many benefits for a person's life, especially during addiction recovery. Addiction recovery acts as a leap of faith to challenge harmful thoughts, and spirituality can help replace those thoughts with uplifting, motivating thoughts.

It’s a force that can take control of anyone regardless of their life circumstances. They may become unavailable to family and friends, steal for money or drugs, or make bad choices they wouldn’t have otherwise made. But, the fact is that they aren’t addicts because they lack moral fiber or because they are weak or bad people.

Relapse is a sign of failure

Debunking the most popular myths about addiction is an important step in allowing people to get the help they deserve. People who struggle with substance abuse need compassionate, comprehensive treatment in order to overcome their addiction and maintain sobriety for life. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we offer programs that empower people to get sober. We work collaboratively with people so they can learn the skills they need so they can live full, healthy lives without substances.

If you are ready to take the first step in recovery, we will walk the rest of the way with you. There is no magic pill or anything that can instantly treat your addiction overnight. What worked for someone you know might not work the same for you. This is a common misconception about addiction as illegitimate rehabs make false claims about promising recovery. Look out for quality addiction treatment programs that utilize biopsychosocial assessments to evaluate each client’s substance use, mental and physical health, trauma history, family dynamics, and more. Based on your gathered information, medical professionals can come up with a unique combination of addiction counseling/or wellness therapies tailored to fit your needs.

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