Also, it is recommended to buy hosting from the best web hosting providers like SiteGround, Kinsta, WPEngine, etc. The first thing you’ll need for your website is a domain name and hosting service. A domain name is the name/address of your website What is Woocommerce which your customers use to locate you. Whereas, web hosting is the service that makes your website live and available 24/7. And since WordPress is a self-hosted software, you’ll have to purchase a web hosting plan and your business domain name.

what is woocommerce in wordpress

Because when you buy those premium plugins from the developers, they provide you with a zip file to be then uploaded, installed and activated to get the premium features. WordPress in simple terms is a flexible Content Management system which you can use to create a beautiful website or blog, especially for beginners who are just starting up. Out of all the websites in the market, the WordPress market share is 39%. Instead of a certification program WooCommerce uses an official partnership program.

What are some examples of WooCommerce stores?

Bear in mind that shipping costs are not calculated solely by weight but by volume as well. It can get expensive quickly when shipping heavy objects. It would be wise to measure your product dimensions and use a shipping calculator to get some preliminary cost figures. As with any business, success with WooCommerce depends on location — not only your location, but the location of your customers.

There’s also an entire library of free and premium extensions that provide any additional functionality you can imagine. From marketing and growth tools to payment gateways, shipping options, and third-party integrations, there’s something for everyone. Tax Management – Since WooCommerce is an online product built for selling products online, handling taxes on sales is built right into the plugin. Custom tax rates, major tax rate calculation, and geo-location tax rates are just some of the available options. You can also define tax rates, and control the tax rate assigned to your shipping costs. It’s also important to factor an SSL certificate into the costs of running an ecommerce site.

Select a Trusted Hosting Provider

It was built specifically for the WordPress platform, and the two work seamlessly together. This free extension lets you purchase and print USPS and DHL labels directly from your dashboard, saving you money in the process. Check out this guide to managing products for more details. When you’re ready, you can click the Preview button at the top right, or go ahead and click Publish to make your product live.

what is woocommerce in wordpress

It’s also important that you use tools like Jetpack Boost to ensure that your site performance is top-notch. First on your list – install the WooCommerce plugin and run through its setup wizard to configure its basics. Once you’ve done that, you’ll officially have a working eCommerce store. You can reward systems to reward your customers for performing certain actions on your online store and reinforce your preferred positive behavior. You can offer rewards on signup, purchase, referrals, etc.

Why isn’t WooCommerce just integrated into WordPress?

Let’s compare the performance of WooCommerce with other eCommerce platforms. To put that into perspective, imagine if all the top 7 eCommerce platforms were continents, WooCommerce would be Asia. Added an option to show / hide advanced options under Settings – AI Engine. Instead of using ‘wpaicg’ in HTML tags, we now generate a random prefix to remove our plugin’s footprint from your content.

what is woocommerce in wordpress

You can set commission fees for all the products and earn commission for each sale the vendor makes. Now, there’re a lot of reasons why WooCommerce is popular. Being open-source, free, flexible, and customizable are the few reasons why the majority of users prefer WooCommerce. WooCommerce Home PageNow, if you’re new, then chances are you might be encountering 2 new terms here – ‘WordPress’ and ‘WordPress plugins’. Simon KeatingSimon has worked in marketing and product development for over 10 years, previously at HubSpot, Workday, and now Automattic .

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A custom t-shirt making and printing service, Hashtag Bay uses WooCommerce to sell their products. Since WooCommerce products are a custom post type, they’re stored in the wp_posts table. Product data — like price, stock status, etc. — is stored in the wp_postmeta table. You can also use Jetpack’s additional performance tools to make even more speed improvements. VideoPress takes the weight of hosting videos off of your server, delivering lighting-fast media without any third-party ads. Jetpack CDN delivers your content from servers located around the world, displaying your site from the location closest to each individual visitor.

  • You need to conduct a speed test or an audit of your online store to know the underlying issues that are slowing you down and harming your business.
  • Don’t worry, we already have a detailed guide on ‘How to make a website?
  • That’s why you should always choose high-quality plugins from reputable brands.
  • Unlike hosted eCommerce solutions, WooCommerce store data is future-proof; you’re free to export all your content and take your site to any platform you choose.
  • WooCommerce is a plugin on WordPress, and they both are open-source and free software.

Any WordPress user can download the free plugin, and get started with making their dream online store. Packed with tens of extensions, it also provides unique functionalities to its users to incorporate them into their stores. WooCommerce is by far the most popular ecommerce platform as per the stats. Its integration with WordPress helps users work on a single tool and capture the functionalities of both platforms. WooCommerce further enables users to ease their tasks via multiple extensions and customizations.

Removing the WooCommerce Plugin

We are actively looking for products that help store builders create successful stores. Securely accept credit cards, mobile wallets, bank transfers, and cash thanks to 100+ payment gateways – including Stripe, PayPal, and Square. Features include everything from managing subscriptions and booking to adding payment gateways or shipping options. There are five steps you’ll need to take to start hosting your online store with WooCommerce.

what is woocommerce in wordpress

Astra helps you create a more beautiful store and conversion-optimized checkout pages. CartFlows helps you drive sales and minimize losses through checkout optimizations and other techniques. If you integrate a payment method, you don’t need to maintain any financial data of customers. This is because the function is outsourced to the payment gateway. WooCommerce eases the process of accepting payments by credit cards for both you as a vendor and your customers. This makes more sense in stores where you are selling third party known products that people already know they want.

Content and Commerce

Customers can book appointments, rentals, or reservations directly on your site, choosing between the time slots you make available.

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